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DJI Ban Debate: Public Safety Experts Warn of Far-Reaching Consequences

As reported by DroneXL, the ongoing debate surrounding a potential ban on DJI drones in the United States has taken center stage, with public safety [more…]

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Drone News: Public Safety Fights Drone Ban, DJI Ends Sync, Mavic 3 Parachute, Remote ID, & DJI Air 4


DJI Ends Sync Flight Data Function in the US Welcome to Weekly UAS News Update. We have six stories for you this week. I know [more…]

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Anzu Robotics Takes Flight: New Player in Drone Industry


In a significant development for the Drone Industry, Randall Warnas, former CEO of Autel Robotics USA, has launched a new company called Anzu Robotics. The [more…]