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Anzu Robotics Takes Flight: New Player in Drone Industry


In a significant development for the Drone Industry, Randall Warnas, former CEO of Autel Robotics USA, has launched a new company called Anzu Robotics. The [more…]

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ASSURE Autel Robotics Drone Technology Firefighters First Responders Michigan News Search and Rescue

Warren Fire Department Elevates Emergency Response with Autel Drone Technology


A Leap Forward with Autel Drone Technology In an age where technology rapidly evolves, the Warren Fire Department in Michigan is set to significantly enhance [more…]

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Autel Dragonfish Autel Robotics DJI Avata DJI Matrice 30 DJI Matrice 300 Drone Technology Drones Search and Rescue Texas

Ector County Sheriff’s Office Unveils Advanced Dragonfish Drone


A New Era in Law Enforcement and Rescue Operations The Ector County Sheriff’s Office in Texas is embracing cutting-edge technology with the introduction of the [more…]