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Rogue Drone Flies Dangerously Close to Blue Angels, Sparking FAA Investigation


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation into a Drone Video captured at Pensacola Beach, Florida, earlier this month. The footage, which shows [more…]

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Walmart’s Drone Delivery Program Faces Unexpected Challenge from Gun Owners

According to a recent report by Fortune, Walmart’s ambitious drone delivery program has encountered an unforeseen obstacle: gun owners shooting down delivery drones. This development [more…]

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Industry Experts Weigh In on Federal and State Drone Bans


In a recent discussion, Drone Industry experts Vic Moss and Greg Reverdiau shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding drone bans in the United States. [more…]

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Skydio CEO Shares Update on Drones in Public Safety, Raises Questions About Lobbying Efforts


In a recent video, Adam Bry, CEO and founder of Skydio, provided an update on the company’s progress and the growing impact of drones in [more…]