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Pioneering Drone Manufacturer Watts Innovations Closes Shop After 8-Year Run

Watts Innovations, a Baltimore-based custom industrial drone manufacturer, announced its closure after eight years of operation in the Drone Industry. The company, known for its [more…]

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DJI Ban Debate: Public Safety Experts Warn of Far-Reaching Consequences

As reported by DroneXL, the ongoing debate surrounding a potential ban on DJI drones in the United States has taken center stage, with public safety [more…]

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Walmart’s Drone Delivery Program Faces Unexpected Challenge from Gun Owners

According to a recent report by Fortune, Walmart’s ambitious drone delivery program has encountered an unforeseen obstacle: gun owners shooting down delivery drones. This development [more…]

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US Air Force Unveils ULTRA Drone: A Game-Changer in Long-Endurance Reconnaissance

ULTRA: USAF’s New Spy Drone Flies for Days on End The United States Air Force has unveiled ULTRA, a new long-endurance reconnaissance drone that can [more…]