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U.S. Police Favor DJI Drones Despite Washington’s Crackdown


The Rising Dependence on DJI Drones Kentucky’s Hardin County sheriffs’ first drone, a DJI Matrice 300, became a game-changer in 2021 when it swiftly identified [more…]

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Drone News: This ban will affect YOU, No Mapping in NC, DJI Air 4 Rumors

Weekly UAS News Update Welcome to the Weekly UAS News Update! We have three stories for you this week. Yet again, we’re going to discuss [more…]

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The Importance of DJI Drones in Saving Lives (and Money)


In a recent letter to the Connecticut General Assembly, Deputy Chief Mark Gentile of the Rocky Hill Fire Department strongly opposed Senate Bill 3, which [more…]

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CT Legislators Consider Ban on Life-Saving DJI Drones Used by First Responders


Connecticut legislators are currently considering a bill that would prevent state and local agencies, including public safety agencies, from purchasing or using DJI drones, the [more…]

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The Truth Uncovered: AUVSI’s Real Stance on DJI Drone Ban


The DJI Drone Ban Controversy at Hand In the realm of drone advocacy and legislation, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) stands as [more…]

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Banning DJI Drones in the USA: Why YOU Should Be More Concerned This Time!


American lawmakers are once again attempting to ban DJI drones, and this time they may actually succeed. They claim, as they usually do, that it’s [more…]