Benefits of Clean Water and Maintaining its Quality

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Water is one of the main elements on Earth that is an integral part of all human beings. Living things cannot live if there is no water, so water is needed to maintain the survival of living things .

Water in the human body is very useful for filling fluids in the body by drinking water. In addition to relieving thirst and other main benefits of water for the body, water also has other benefits that are needed to support life.

One form of Clean and Healthy Lifestyle or PHBS is to use clean water every day. Because water quality can affect health and daily life.

The water we use every day such as drinking, cooking, bathing and others must be clean so that we can avoid diseases caused by poor water quality.

By using clean water, we can avoid diseases such as diarrhea , cholera, dysentery, typhoid, intestinal worms, skin diseases and poisoning. For this reason, it is mandatory for all family members to use clean water every day and maintain clean water quality in their environment.

  • Here are some tips in maintaining the quality of clean water in the environment.
  • Separate the distance between water sources with latrines and garbage dumps of at least 10 meters
  • Springs must be protected from pollutants
  • Dug wells, pumping wells, public faucets and springs must be protected from damage
  • The floor of the well should be waterproof (plastered) and not cracked, the lip of the well and the walls of the well must be plastered and the well closed;
  • The water reservoir bucket is equipped with a lid and a stemmed dipper, to be kept clean.
  • Water must be kept clean with no puddles around the water source, and equipped with drains, no dirt, no moss, on the floor/wall of the well.

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