7 Benefits of Eating on Time to Prevent Disease

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Although it looks trivial, but eating right on time is very important to do and even have to become a habit. Usually breakfast is the meal time that is most often overlooked and the risk will have a fatter body and high blood cholesterol compared to those who regularly eat breakfast. Skipping meals can be bad for health because it can trigger insulin problems and various other health problems. Eating on time means breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, for those of you who like to exercise, it is also recommended to eat before and after exercise. 

Here we provide some of the benefits of eating on time that you can get.

Avoid Stomach Pain

The main cause of ulcer disease is eating not on time or regularly. Skipping breakfast, late for lunch or eating until the time you are used to hungry stomach can trigger heartburn. Mucosa, the mucous membrane lining the stomach, will tear due to stomach acid, so a good diet is closely related to the production of stomach acid. If you eat irregularly, it will make it difficult for the stomach to adapt and eventually stinging and nausea will arise. Eating on time is the best stomach ulcer solution that can be done and is actually very easy as long as it becomes a habit.

Prevent Heart Disease

In addition to unhealthy eating patterns, eating on time and irregularly can also trigger heart disease . If irregular eating becomes a habit, the longer it can damage the heart condition. Meanwhile, by eating on time, not only heart health is well maintained, but also avoids high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Provides Energy for Activity

Many people do not have energy when they are on the move and one of the reasons is because they eat irregularly and on time. If you always follow a regular diet, it can be used as a source of energy and stamina without the need to consume energy drinks and avoid getting tired and lethargic because you don’t get enough energy from food.

Prevent Obesity

When someone eats not on time, it can trigger obesity because people usually tend to eat more and are not controlled, such as consuming snacks when watching TV or playing games. A diet like this will produce more calories so that it can cause weight gain drastically. Obesity itself can later threaten health such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol , gout, cancer, fertility disorders in men and women and other diseases. For this reason, eating on time must be done in order to avoid obesity.

Preventing Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Eating not on time will trigger glucose intolerance and insulin hormone resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes mellitus. The condition of insulin resistance is closely related to fat deposits in the stomach. Eating on time is also very important to prevent micro-inflammation in the body that occurs thoroughly and continuously while reducing the risk of stress that leads to insulin resistance function that causes diabetes.

Increase Concentration

Concentration is needed by everyone when doing activities. Without good concentration, certain jobs or activities cannot be completed properly. Eating on time is very supportive of increasing concentration because it not only serves to eliminate hunger, but eating on time will ensure the body gets the important nutrients that the body needs to increase concentration so it is very important to do this.

Prevent Hunger

Many people think that skipping meals can help reduce the number of calories in the body, even though there are many benefits of calories for the human body . However, eating not on time or fasting for a long time can lead to feelings of extreme hunger, which can eventually lead to overeating. A 2015 study on the impact of eating frequency and timing on nutrient quality and body mass index published in the Journal Branded Solutions showed that larger amounts of small meals were associated with improved diet quality and lower BMI. By eating on time, it is very helpful to prevent hunger and avoid overeating.

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