6 Ways to Treat Eye Pain Naturally, Easy to Practice

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The cause of eye pain is due to allergies, infection, or lack of fluid in the eye. As a result, the eyes become dry and make the eyes feel sore. On the other hand, activities that require high focus or that require you to look at objects too much so you rarely wink. This usually happens while playing games or watching television.

The effects felt by sufferers are usually in the form of extreme pain around the eye area, dizziness, and watering. And, if there is no way to treat eye pain naturally quickly, then this belek disease will last quite a long time, it can even reach about two weeks or more than a month.

If you are hesitant to use various special medicines to treat eye pain, it might be a good idea to practice how to treat eye pain naturally. This is because the natural ingredients used are safer because there are no harmful chemicals in them.

So, how to treat eye pain naturally? Below, Liputan6.com has summarized from various sources on how to treat eye pain naturally, complete with the ingredients needed for optimal healing of eye pain, 

1. Warm Compress

Is it better to wash your face with warm or cold water? 

The first way to treat eye pain naturally, you can use the help of a compress with warm water. The method is very easy, you only need to compress the sore eye area with warm water. This will be very useful to make the area more relaxed and the pain from inflammation will gradually decrease.

2. Honey

Then, next you can use the help of honey. Honey turns out to be quite effective for treating eye pain (conjunctivitis). Using this natural belekan eye pain remedy is also quite easy.

All you have to do is clean your eyes with a cotton swab. Then, the eyes that have been moistened with warm water was enough to be smeared with honey. This method will show good results faster if it is done regularly 2-3 times a day until the spots in the eyes disappear.

3. Cucumber

The next way to treat eye pain naturally can be by using cucumber. Cucumbers have anti-irritating properties that can help reduce pain and swelling in the eye area. To apply a cucumber is quite easy, namely by slicing a cucumber and placing the slices on the affected eye.

4. Pure Milk

This one ingredient is also very good for treating eye pain. Whole milk is very good if used to treat eye pain caused by allergies or dust irritation.

How to treat eye pain naturally by using pure milk only by using a cotton swab dripped with pure milk. Then, you can compress the cotton on the sore eye area. After that, let it sit for a while and repeat this method regularly so that the pain in the eye can be reduced.

5. Rosewater

How to treat eye pain naturally, can use the help of rose juice. Rose water can be used to clean the eyes. You can practice how to treat eye pain naturally three times a day. Besides being easy, this natural way of treating eye pain is also quite powerful.

6. Betel Leaf

And, the last way to treat eye pain naturally is to use betel leaf. The use of betel leaf to treat eye pain is also quite easy. You only need to prepare a few pieces of betel leaf that have been washed thoroughly. After that, the betel leaf is boiled by adding a little salt until it boils.

When it boils, remove the betel leaf stew and let it cool. Once cool, strain the ingredients until the cooking water is completely clean. You can use this betel leaf boiled water up to 2-3 times a day for maximum healing results.

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