Let’s move against hemorrhoids!

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To avoid a recurrence of hemorrhoids, change your lifestyle and put regular sports on your agenda. Be careful: initially, you can cure hemorrhoids even at home, but later you may need medical attention.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are unpleasant

Hemorrhoids are a civilization disease that affects many, and its symptoms are unpleasant. Initially, it can be cured well at home, but if neglected, it can get worse and require surgery. In the first and second stages, we notice that there is pain around the anus during defecation, which may persist after defecation. Over time, inflamed hemorrhoids can become a painful, hard bulge that can be palpated. After toileting, you may notice a bloody streak on the paper. If we experience these symptoms, we can also reduce complaints at home with a suppository or ointment containing natural ingredients. But if we do nothing, the symptoms can get worse, in addition to the pain, bright red bleeding can develop almost every time, and even mucositis can occur.

Exercise can prevent the development of hemorrhoids

With a lifestyle change, we can do a lot to prevent the development of hemorrhoids. Eat healthy, eat as much fiber-rich food as possible, and drink at least two liters of fluid a day. In addition to proper nutrition, exercise is also important. Sport stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, has a good effect on the hormonal system, helps intestinal function. But in terms of hemorrhoids, it doesn’t matter what form of movement we choose.Avoid sports that put a lot of pressure on the rectum and barrier, and always keep in mind the principle of gradation, never force yourself. Too intense cycling or strenuous weightlifting is by no means good for someone prone to hemorrhoids. Rather, it is advisable to choose walking, yoga or swimming, and intimate gymnastics is also an effective way to prevent hemorrhoids.

Do this if hemorrhoids do develop

Although hemorrhoids are less likely to develop after a lifestyle change, unpleasant symptoms may reappear. For such cases, have a suppository and ointment in your home pharmacy that contains natural ingredients such as herbs and hyaluronic acid . Prompt intervention can reduce the intensity of complaints and prevent symptoms from getting worse.

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