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Industry Experts Weigh In on Federal and State Drone Bans


In a recent discussion, Drone Industry experts Vic Moss and Greg Reverdiau shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding drone bans in the United States. [more…]

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California Drones Firmware Update LAANC Legal Maryland News Police police drone Remote ID Temporary Flight Restriction Washington Washington DC

Drone News: Remote ID, Police Drone Shot Down, Felony Charges Flying Over NFL, and the Super Bowl


Welcome to Weekly UAS News Update. We have four stories for you this week: Remote ID for the DJI Minis, an armed suspect escaped Police [more…]

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Drone News: Autel Alpha, FlyCart 30, KY Bill on Drones, Walmart Adds Wing, and Drone Surveillance.


Welcome to the weekly UAS news update. We have five stories for you this week. The Autel Alpha has hit the FCC database, DJI Fly [more…]

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Department of Homeland Security Drone Incident Drone Technology Drones FAA FPV Drones Remote ID Temporary Flight Restriction Washington Washington DC

Reckless Drone Pilot Breaches National Mall Airspace, Sparks Outrage


A Brazen Act of Irresponsibility The FPV drone community is in uproar following a highly irresponsible act by a Canadian drone pilot, Adrien Salv. Salv [more…]

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Discussing DJI’s Future Plans & Drone Policy With Adam Welsh


All right, so we’re about to sit down with Adam Welsh, who is DJI’s head of global policy, to pick his brain about the drone [more…]