Anzu Robotics Raptor T: First Impressions from Drone Pilot

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Darrell Williams, a geospatial field team lead for Firmatek and experienced drone pilot, recently shared his initial thoughts after flying the new Anzu Robotics Raptor T drone. In a LinkedIn post, Williams compared the Raptor T to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone on which it is based, noting many similarities in the flying experience.

Overcoming Initial Software Hiccups

On the first day of testing, Williams encountered a software bug that displayed an error message prompting him to ensure both batteries were properly installed, despite using the Raptor battery. He temporarily resolved the issue by swapping in a DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise battery. By the second day, the error had disappeared, and the Raptor T performed flawlessly with its original battery.

Flight Characteristics and Compatibility

Williams found that the Anzu Robotics Raptor T exhibited flight characteristics nearly identical to those of the DJI drones he was accustomed to flying. He also discovered that the DJI RTK module is compatible with the Raptor T, with the module’s serial number appearing in the drone’s settings menu when installed. Additionally, the settings revealed that the Raptor T is equipped with an “M3T camera.”

Anzu Robotics Raptor T: First Impressions from Drone Pilot 2

A Promising Piece of Hardware

Despite the initial software glitch, Darrell Williams concluded that the Anzu Robotics Raptor T is a “great piece of hardware” with the potential to improve further as the software undergoes refinements. His hands-on experience suggests that the Raptor T could become a strong competitor in the enterprise drone market now that DJI’s future in the US is under threat, particularly for pilots familiar with DJI’s offerings.

DroneXL’s Take

The emergence of the Anzu Robotics Raptor T is an exciting development in the enterprise Drone Industry. As a new player in the market, The Anzu Robotics Raptor T’s compatibility with DJI accessories, such as the RTK module, demonstrates a commitment to interoperability that could benefit pilots and businesses looking to integrate the drone into their existing fleets.

As Anzu Robotics continues to refine the Raptor T’s software and address any bugs, the drone’s performance and reliability are likely to improve. With its similar flight characteristics to DJI drones and thermal imaging capabilities, the Raptor T has the potential to become a valuable tool for a wide range of applications, including inspection, public safety, and mapping.

Photos courtesy of Darrell Williams.

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