East Orange’s Drone Program: Transforming City Maintenance and Training

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In East Orange, New Jersey, an innovative drone training program is empowering residents with unique skills while providing practical benefits to the city.

The program, a partnership between the city and Alpha Drones USA, offers free commercial drone training, reports The Patch.

Graduates of the 2023 program, including 20 East Orange residents of diverse ages and skillsets, completed a six-week hybrid course comprising self-directed study, in-person and virtual instruction, and hands-on training.

One of the practical applications of their training was the commercial cleaning of East Orange City Hall and East Orange Municipal Court.

This project not only provided valuable experience for the participants but also resulted in cost savings for the city.

The program reflects East Orange’s commitment to innovative workforce development and offering residents access to emerging market skills.

The graduates also received FAA Part 107 Certification Licenses, enabling them to operate commercial drones.

Photo courtesy of the City of East Orange.

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