My Concerns About the DJI Ban in the United States

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Although I’m less concerned than I used to be about an all-out ban on DJI happening in the United States, I do want to share some information that should remove any doubts you have about the actual reason it continues to get pushed.

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First things first, I want to ensure you understand that this is only my opinion based on the information available to me. I recommend doing your research and forming your own opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. It can be cathartic for us to share these feelings because this is a stressful topic and will continue to be for a while.

Personal Update

For those interested, at the end of this video, I’ll provide a life update about my family and our next steps in our healing journey. I appreciate it if you want to hang out; if not, no worries.

National Security Concerns

Not long ago, I believed there was some truth to the national security narrative for prohibiting DJI’s ability to utilize our network in the United States. I don’t believe that anymore. Yes, it may be a small part of the initiative, but the primary reason for the effort to ban DJI by our lawmakers is 100% protectionism. I strongly believe this is orchestrated by one company and one company only. Again, this is only my opinion.


The Role of American Companies

I’ve explained many times that one American drone company has a direct connection to our federal government through their vice president of regulatory and policy affairs, Brendan Groves, a real-life Superman when it comes to his resume as an American patriot. He’s been around for a long time and has been a part of this discussion and effort.

The Smoking Gun

Here is the real smoking gun and literal proof in my eyes that the smart blue drone company is going Tanya Harding on DJI. Joe Bartlett, who I somehow missed months ago, was hired in November 2023 as their director of federal policy.

Joe Bartlett’s Background

Who is Joe Bartlett, you ask? Let’s browse through his LinkedIn profile. He is the vice chair of the defense advocacy committee of AUVSI, the folks who say they unequivocally do not support an all-out immediate ban of DJI. Yet, they emailed a state senator in Utah, congratulating and supporting legislation for the immediate ban of DJI products in that state.

Legislative Connections

Where did Joe Bartlett work until just last year? The US House of Representatives as a national security adviser to Elise Stefanik, the sponsor of HR 2864, also known as the bill to ban all DJI products in the United States. So, who do you think wrote that bill? I’m not sure, but I think I could make a pretty good guess. Do you think I’m way out of line here? Am I just jumping to conclusions and creating associations where there aren’t any? If I am, please tell me in the comments.

The Market Reality

DJI is a juggernaut with technology and resources that nobody can currently compete with. The reason they own 34% of the market worldwide is because they are doing things right. The commercial and industrial drone sector is not going anywhere; it is only going to skyrocket. It is a golden goose, and the one American drone company that exists is not fully prepared to cash in. They want to cash in, but that’s hard to do when you don’t have the tools to match what your competition can offer.

Concerns About DJI Ban in the United States
Concerns About DJI Ban in the United States

The Legislative System

That leaves only one option: find yourself a way to bring them to their knees using the American legislative system. It’s very frustrating the way things happen sometimes in this country. Did you know that at any given time, there are about 300,000 devices connected to our network from over 460 Chinese-based companies, and that number increases every year? How many of those have a bill in Congress right now to be banned from using our networks? How many other Countries have prohibited or are seeking to prohibit the purchase or use of DJI drones? I don’t think there’s a single one.

Educating Legislators

Our only option for combating this is to do our best to educate our legislators. The single best way to do that is to visit the Drone Advocacy Alliance website. We have to be a voice louder than the narrative. I’ll put a link in the video description to help you find your representatives so you can reach out and help educate them.

The New Bill: Drones for First Responders Act

I did just learn that Stefanik is pushing her new bill called the Drones for First Responders Act. It sounds nice, but it’s absurd. She proposes a 30% tariff on all Chinese-made drones with a 5% increase every year until it gets to 50%, plus an additional $100. She claims the money will help first responders, farmers, and infrastructure agents in America purchase American-made drones.

Reality Check

Increasing the price of drones for those who need them most is not the solution. Providing discounts on American drones that don’t exist and likely never will because nothing has happened in the past 10 years is not a solution. What makes her think something will happen in the next five years?

American Drone Companies

Before you come at me in the comments, I want to make sure you understand that I am being overly dramatic when I say non-existent American Drone Companies. I know there are plenty of American drone companies, especially in the military and government space. I don’t want to take anything away from companies like Brinc and Dragonfly, American Robot, and others. When I state that, I’m referring to companies offering similar solutions that DJI offers for small-time enterprise and commercial users.

The Solution

I want us to make the best drones in the world. I hope there is a day when we produce a superior product that competes, but why can’t it be done the old-fashioned way with Yankee ingenuity and innovation? Make a better product and push out the competition with quality. Make a better drone! Why is that so hard?

Final Thoughts on DJI Ban

Don’t let all this talk about banning deter you from enjoying your hobby. It may sound stressful, but don’t stress because I believe this will all work out. The reason things are scary is because of the uncertainty. Do your part by writing to your representatives and educating them. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Click the thumbs up if I helped you understand everything going on right now. I appreciate it.

Life Update

For those interested, here is a little life update. Last fall, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s like getting punched as hard as you can in the stomach, and the pain never subsides. It’s very overwhelming, but the love and support from so many people drive you forward. It really is true.

Thank you for all the encouragement, prayers, and well wishes over the past six months. They have made it better for us. My wife is done with chemotherapy and had minimal side effects. She continued to work full-time throughout, which was difficult for her. My admiration for her has reached a new level. She is stronger than I ever imagined, and our family is blessed to witness her fortitude.

Our next step is to head back to Mayo Clinic for surgery. My wife is attacking it with the same attitude she has had through chemo and the side effects. I’m not attacking it like she is. Thinking about my wife going under anesthesia and having parts of her body removed is overwhelming and frightening. But worrying accomplishes nothing, so I will lean on her strength.

We are going as a family and will try to make the most of our time there. We have a few fun things planned for the kids in between medical appointments. My wife will be off work for about a month as she won’t be able to use her arms and hands as she normally does. We are prepared for that.

I don’t want charity. There are many people who need more help than we do. All I ask is for your continued support through prayers, watching my previous videos, and using my Amazon affiliate link when shopping. That keeps this channel running and provides for my family.


Thank you so much for all your comments, thoughts, and love. People have sent handwritten letters, which is a lost art but really cool. It shows genuine concern and well wishes for my family. I am proud of this community that I am a small part of. You guys are the best. Have a great day, and thanks for watching. We’ll see you in the next video.

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