Alamance County Uses Chinese-Made DJI Thermal Drone to Find Missing Elderly Adult

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Quick Response and DJI Thermal Drone Technology Save the Day

In a remarkable display of the life-saving potential of Chinese-made DJI Thermal Drone technology, Alamance County drone pilots were instrumental in locating a missing older adult, averting what could have been a tragic outcome.

After a report of a missing person came in mid-December, deputies reportedly sprang into action in a rural area of Alamance County, N.C. The individual, an older adult, had not made contact with family, and a personal check at their residence by a relative yielded no clues to their whereabouts.

With the situation escalating, additional deputies joined the search effort, combing through several outbuildings to no avail. In a critical move, the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office’s Emergency Management Unit, with its specialized Drone Truck, was brought in to escalate the search.

Thermal Imaging Drones Lead to a Successful Find

Utilizing the expertise of drone pilots Deputy Ethan Hutt, Detective Shane Adams, and Drone Coordinator Walter Britt, the team launched two drones, one of which was equipped with thermal imaging.

This advanced technology allows for the detection of heat signatures, which was pivotal in this case. At approximately 3:05 p.m., the drones identified a heat signature resembling a person lying in tall grass.

The Crucial Role of Emergency Management

The found individual, who had been missing since 4 p.m. the previous day, was quickly transported to the hospital and has since made a return home.

Despite the overnight temperatures plunging into the mid-20s, the outcome was favorable. The missing person, known to walk daily in the area, was found with warm clothing but lacked headgear or gloves.

Sheriff Terry Johnson commended the skill and training of the drone pilots and the advanced capabilities of their equipment.

“Because of the training and skill of our pilots and the technology of our drones, a tragic ending was most likely prevented,” he said, highlighting the critical role that Drone Technology played in this successful rescue operation.

The community takes pride in its emergency response team’s readiness and advanced capabilities, which in this instance, proved to be life-saving.

Dji Mavic 3 Thermal Drone

Photo Credit to Alamance County Sheriff’s Office.

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