Subway Launches Sky-High Drone Deliveries for World UFO Day

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Subway is taking sandwich delivery to new heights this World UFO Day. On June 24, the fast-food giant will use drones to deliver footlong subs to select customers in four U.S. cities, blending fast food with cutting-edge tech.

Drones to Drop Subway Footlongs from Above

Subway’s most active MVP Rewards members in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando are in for a treat. These lucky customers will have their footlong subs, cookies, and new Footlong Dippers delivered by drones on World UFO Day.

The drone deliveries aim to provide “an out-of-this-world deal” for “Subway UFO fans,” according to the company. However, these aerial deliveries are subject to change based on weather conditions.

New Menu Items Take Flight

The drone delivery Promotion coincides with the launch of Subway’s new “Sidekicks” menu. The star of this lineup is the Footlong Dippers, available in three varieties:

  1. Pepperoni & Cheese
  2. Chicken & Cheese
  3. Double Cheese

These Dippers come with a choice of 11 signature sauces, offering a total of 33 possible flavor combinations. Other new additions to the Sidekicks menu include the Footlong Cookie, Auntie Anne’s Footlong Pretzel, and Cinnabon Footlong Churro.

Earthbound Customers Get a Slice of the Action

For those not in the drone delivery zones, Subway isn’t leaving them empty-handed. From June 24 through July 1, customers can score 20% off any Footlong Sub when ordered with a Footlong Dipper and Footlong Cookie. To claim this deal, dubbed the “Ultimate Footlong Offering,” customers need to use the promo code UFODAY on the Subway App or website.

DroneXL’s Take

Subway’s use of drones for this promotional delivery showcases the growing acceptance and versatility of Drone Technology in everyday applications. While this is a limited-time event, it points to the potential future of food delivery services.

This promotion aligns with the broader trend of companies exploring innovative uses for drones. From Amazon’s drone delivery service to Walmart’s expansion of drone deliveries, we’re seeing a shift towards aerial logistics in various industries.

Subway’s drone delivery stunt, while primarily for marketing, contributes to normalizing drone technology in commercial applications. As more companies experiment with drone deliveries, we may see shifts in public perception and regulatory frameworks, potentially paving the way for widespread adoption of this technology in the future.

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