SkyeBrowse and RSET Join Forces for Cutting-Edge 3D Training Simulations

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SkyeBrowse teams up with RSET to revolutionize public safety training with immersive 3D models.

Enhanced Training for First Responders

SkyeBrowse, known for its one-click drone reality capture platform, has partnered with RSET, a leader in immersive training simulation technology. This collaboration lets users import SkyeBrowse 3D models into RSET’s simulation environments, offering new training possibilities.

Realistic Training Scenarios

Public safety agencies can now use digital twins for critical training:

  • Active Shooter Drills: Realistic 3D models of schools and offices help First Responders practice response strategies in safe settings.
  • Firefighting Exercises: Fire departments can simulate fires in complex structures, enhancing tactical planning with detailed building layouts.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Emergency teams can simulate disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes to improve coordination and response times.

Innovative Training Features

The partnership introduces engaging features like a “zombies mode,” making training sessions more interactive and enjoyable, boosting engagement and skill retention.

Skyebrowse And Rset Join Forces For Cutting-Edge 3D Training Simulations 2

Pre-Visualizations and After-Action Reviews

Users can conduct detailed mission pre-planning and post-training reviews directly within SkyeBrowse models:

  • Pre-Plan Missions: Visualize and plan missions, optimizing resource allocation and identifying potential challenges.
  • Review and Analyze: Conduct thorough reviews to analyze actions and outcomes, developing improvement strategies.

Transforming 3D Data

RSET’s technology transforms SkyeBrowse’s 3D models into immersive, walkable environments, enhancing situational awareness and understanding of spatial dynamics.

Skyebrowse And Rset Join Forces For Cutting-Edge 3D Training Simulations 3

Expanding the Use of Digital Twins

The partnership pushes the boundaries of 3D modeling and simulation technology, allowing users to document, analyze, and enhance training and preparedness, ultimately saving lives.

“We are excited to partner with RSET and integrate our 3D modeling technology with their cutting-edge simulation software,” said Bobby Ouyang, CEO of SkyeBrowse. “This collaboration will provide our users with unparalleled tools to enhance their training and operational planning, making our communities safer and more resilient.”

DroneXL’s Take

This partnership between SkyeBrowse and RSET is a game-changer for public safety training. The ability to use high-resolution 3D models in immersive simulations offers unmatched training opportunities. As drones become more integral to safety and operational planning, this collaboration sets a new standard for how we prepare for and respond to emergencies.

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