Mexican Soldiers Uncover Drone Bomb-Making Factory and Narcotics Lab

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Discovery of a Dangerous Drone Bomb-making Workshop

In a significant operation, Mexican soldiers and Police uncovered a small factory used for manufacturing drone bomb-making equipment in the western state of Michoacan.

This discovery, announced late Wednesday, highlights the ongoing challenges Mexico faces in its battle against organized crime, reports CBS News.

Mexican Soldiers Uncover Drone Bomb-Making Factory And Narcotics Lab 2

Sophisticated Operations

The size of a warehouse, the facility was equipped with advanced metalworking tools, including a computer-controlled lathe and milling machine.

This level of sophistication suggests that the operators possessed considerable knowledge in metalworking. The workshop was primarily used for creating bombs typically deployed by drones.

Production of Weapons and Fake Uniforms

In addition to bomb-making, the factory also produced 40mm grenade launchers, designed to be attached to assault rifles, and counterfeit Mexican military uniforms.

These findings point to the extensive capabilities of criminal organizations in the region.

Mexican Soldiers Uncover Drone Bomb-Making Factory And Narcotics Lab 3

Ongoing Turf Wars

Michoacan has been a hotspot for violent clashes between the Jalisco cartel and local gangs.

The groups are known to employ various tactics, including the use of bomb-dropping drones, improvised explosive devices, sniper rifles, and homemade armored vehicles.

They also frequently set up unauthorized checkpoints on highways and disguise themselves in fake military uniforms.

Cartel Violence Escalating

This month, an alleged cartel attack involving drones in southern Mexico resulted in at least six deaths and 13 injuries.

The escalating violence underscores the severity of the threat posed by these criminal organizations.

Mexican Soldiers Uncover Drone Bomb-Making Factory And Narcotics Lab 4

Additional Discoveries

Simultaneously, authorities in Michoacan reported finding a narcotics lab with over 300 kilos of drugs, 140 empty AK47 rifle magazines, and uniforms with military insignia. This discovery further illustrates the broad scope and reach of these illegal operations.

A Continuous Battle

The uncovering of the bomb-making factory and narcotics lab in Michoacan is a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against organized crime in Mexico.

The sophistication and variety of the criminal activities present a formidable challenge to the authorities, demanding continued vigilance and strategic efforts to combat these threats.

Photos courtesy of Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de Michoacán.

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