Gaylord High School’s New Drone Certification Program Takes Flight

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Gaylord High School is now offering a drone certification program, providing students with a unique opportunity to gain pilot certification through the FAA Part 107 exam.

A New Opportunity for Students

Gaylord High School in Otsego County, Michigan, has reportedly launched a groundbreaking drone certification program. For the first time, students are learning to pilot drones, with the goal of becoming certified under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. By the end of May, eligible students can take the FAA Part 107 exam to receive their pilot certification.

Hands-On Learning Experience

On a recent Monday morning, students showcased their drone-flying skills on the school’s football field. This practical demonstration is a key component of the 150-hour course, which covers the laws, rules, and regulations of drone operation. The best part? The exam and training come at no cost to the students.

Funding and Support

The program is funded by a $19,000 grant from the Otsego Community Foundation, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder student participation. This support underscores the community’s commitment to providing cutting-edge educational opportunities.

Teacher’s Vision

Hannah Romel, a teacher at Gaylord High School, spearheaded the program, recognizing the emerging career opportunities in the Drone Industry.

“I really like the idea of drones because it’s such a ground-floor thing right now. There are only about 360,000 people in the United States that are certified drone pilots and that’s something that appeals to me because I feel like these kids really get an opportunity to do something not a lot of other people get to do. I wanted my students to have that career opportunity,” Romel stated.

Gaylord High School’s drone certification program offers students a rare chance to enter a rapidly growing field with valuable, real-world skills. As the first cohort prepares to take the FAA Part 107 exam, the success of this initiative could set a precedent for other schools to follow.

With strong community support and a forward-thinking approach, Gaylord High School is helping students reach new heights in their Education and future careers.

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