DroneXL Joins Forces with Drone Advocacy Alliance to Protect American Drone Users’ Rights

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DroneXL.co is proud to announce its partnership with the newly formed Drone Advocacy Alliance, a non-partisan, drone-agnostic grassroots advocacy coalition. The Alliance aims to safeguard the rights of American drone users to freely choose and employ their drones in the face of proposed market access restrictions at both state and federal levels.

Protecting the U.S. Drone Ecosystem

The Drone Advocacy Alliance was established in response to potential legislation that could significantly impact the burgeoning drone ecosystem in the United States. By working with industry stakeholders and legislators, the Alliance seeks to create an open, safe, and honest U.S. drone marketplace that enables end-users to select the best tools for their operational needs while bolstering the domestic Drone Industry.

Advocating for Drone Users’ Freedom of Choice

Central to the Drone Advocacy Alliance’s mission is the belief that drone users should have the freedom to choose the best options for their unique needs, regardless of the country of origin. The Alliance aims to inform end-users about policies that could impact their ability to choose and use drones, streamline the process for voicing opposition to restrictive legislation, and educate policymakers on the positive impacts of drones across various sectors.

A Diverse Coalition of Stakeholders

Although sponsored by DJI Technology, Inc., the Drone Advocacy Alliance does not endorse any specific drone manufacturer. Instead, the Alliance brings together a wide variety of industry stakeholders united in their support for its mission and goals. As stated on their website, “The Drone Advocacy Alliance is always looking for additional partners that support the Alliance’s mission and goals.”

DroneXL’s Take

At DroneXL, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of Drone Technology and the importance of fostering innovation and competition within the U.S. drone industry. By joining forces with the Drone Advocacy Alliance, we aim to amplify the voices of drone users and ensure that their rights are protected in the face of potential market access restrictions.

We encourage our readers and the broader drone community to learn more about the Drone Advocacy Alliance and consider supporting their efforts to maintain an open and thriving American drone ecosystem. Together, we can work towards a future where drone users have the freedom to choose the best tools for their needs, driving innovation and unlocking the full potential of this transformative technology.

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