Drones Gone Wild: Oklahoma City Suburb Buzzes with High-Flying Adult Toy Capers

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Drones Drop Adult Toys in Moore, Oklahoma

In a bizarre turn of events, residents of Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City, have been witnessing an unusual sight: adult toys being dropped onto buildings, businesses, and traffic lights.

This peculiar prank, carried out using drones, has become a talking point in the community, particularly around the S. 19th and Telephone Road area, reports Fox 25.

High-Flying Pranks Catch Attention

The prank first caught public attention on Thursday when residents noticed sex toys perched atop street lights, including one at SW 119th and Western – a location previously known for a wild Turkey sighting.

The unexpected nature of these items appearing in high, public spaces has sparked a range of reactions on social media, from amusement to curiosity.

Drones Gone Wild: Oklahoma City Suburb Buzzes With High-Flying Adult Toy Capers 2

Community Reactions: Humor and Curiosity

Social media users in the Moore community have expressed mixed feelings. Some see the humor in the situation, with one Facebook user expressing a desire to befriend the prankster. Another person expressed eagerness to drive around and spot these unusual items.

Police Response: Investigation Underway

The Moore Police Department is actively investigating the incident. They are considering potential charges or municipal fines against the individuals responsible.

In an official statement to FOX 25, the police department emphasized that they do not condone these actions and find the prank inappropriate.

A Bizarre Blend of Technology and Humor

This incident in Moore blends the use of modern Drone Technology with a sense of humor, albeit one that not everyone might appreciate.

As the investigation continues, the community awaits further developments and potential identification of the prankster or pranksters behind this peculiar use of drones in the suburb.

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