Drone Show Chaos: Fights, Arrests, and Injuries at Gloucester Township Day

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A dozen people, aged 33 to 13, were arrested after large fights broke out during a Drone Light Show at Gloucester Township Day. Police estimated a crowd of 500 and had to disperse the chaotic scene in New Jersey.

Disorder Erupts at Community Event

The annual Gloucester Township Day, meant to be a family-friendly event, reportedly turned chaotic on Saturday night. According to police, large groups of juveniles and young adults gathered near the basketball courts at Veterans’ Memorial Park, Gloucester Township, NJ. The crowd was estimated at around 500 people.

Fights Break Out

At about 8:40 p.m., groups within the crowd started fighting and running through the gathering recklessly. Police arrested two individuals for disorderly conduct, but the crowd remained unruly. The township decided to start the drone light show early, hoping to calm the situation.

Escalation and Injuries

Following the show, the crowd moved to the nearby Marketplace Shopping Center, where more fights broke out. Over the next two hours, juveniles and adults engaged in multiple fights in the parking lot, resulting in at least two minor injuries treated on the scene.

Assault on Officers

While dispersing the crowd, 33-year-old Ronald Jones of Camden rode his bicycle into a group of officers, striking one and knocking them to the ground. Jones was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and escape after attempting to slip out of handcuffs. The officer sustained minor injuries but refused treatment.

Multiple Arrests

In total, 12 people were arrested: two men and ten juveniles. Gloucester Township Police Chief David Harkins condemned the “lawless” behavior that ruined the event. “This type of lawlessness and violent riotous behavior will not be tolerated, and will not define the great community of Gloucester Township,” he said.

Large Police Response

Nearly 70 officers from Gloucester Township and at least 30 officers from Camden County and Deptford Township responded to the incident. The situation was declared under control by 11:04 p.m.

Gloucester Township PD

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