Intensified Drone Intrusions Along India-Pakistan Border

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Drone Threats and Border Security’s Countermeasures

The Border Security Force (BSF) of India has reported a significant escalation in aerial threats along the Punjab border, with 100 Pakistani drones shot down in 2023.

These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), employed by “anti-national elements,” have been increasingly used for smuggling narcotics, arms, and ammunition into Indian territory.

The BSF’s Punjab Frontier unit reportedly disclosed these developments in a social media post, highlighting the serious nature of these incursions.

Crackdown on Smuggling and Intrusions

The BSF’s vigilant response included apprehending individuals allegedly involved in facilitating these smuggling operations via drones.

While specific numbers of arrests were not disclosed, the force’s actions demonstrate a robust counter-smuggling initiative.

Recent incidents include the seizure of heroin in both Fazilka district and Ranian village in Amritsar district, suspected to be dropped by Pakistani drones.

These operations were executed following the observation of UAVs violating Indian airspace, leading to swift responses by the BSF troops. The Contraband was retrieved before the drones retreated back to Pakistan.

These developments underscore the challenges faced by border security forces in managing aerial threats.

The increasing use of drones for illicit activities across the Punjab border is a concern for national security, prompting the BSF to enhance its surveillance and interception capabilities.

The situation calls for continued vigilance and technological advancement in border security protocols to effectively counter these emerging threats.

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