Former Fire Chief Turned Drone Advocate Shares Insights on Public Safety and Legislation

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Wayne Baker’s Journey from Firefighting to DJI

In a recent interview, Wayne Baker, former fire chief and current Director of Stakeholder Engagement at DJI, shared his experiences and insights on the use of drones in public safety and the challenges faced by the industry due to legislative concerns.

Baker’s journey with drones began during his time as a fire chief in Joshua, Texas. He recognized the potential of Drone Technology in enhancing firefighter safety and sought ways to implement it in his department. A pivotal moment came when a civilian drone operator assisted in a water rescue, demonstrating the life-saving capabilities of drones.


Drones Revolutionizing Public Safety Operations

Baker emphasized in the interview the significant impact drones have had on public safety operations. From providing critical situational awareness to incident commanders to delivering life-saving equipment, drones have become an invaluable tool. He highlighted the concept of “drone as a first responder,” where drones can be deployed immediately to assess a scene and provide vital information before First Responders arrive.

Another notable use case Baker discussed was the deployment of drones by law enforcement agencies to de-escalate violent incidents. By sending in mini drones instead of tactical teams, Police departments have successfully resolved situations without putting officers or suspects at risk.

Concerns Over DJI Drones and Data Security

Addressing the recent scrutiny faced by DJI, Baker acknowledged the concerns raised about Data Security and the company’s country of origin. However, he emphasized that DJI has proactively implemented measures to protect user data, such as using Amazon Web Services and offering local data mode.

Baker expressed disappointment in the spread of misinformation and the lack of a clear data security standard for the industry. He stressed that DJI has been scrutinized more than any other drone company and would easily meet any established security standards.

Former Fire Chief Turned Drone Advocate Shares Insights On Public Safety And Legislation
Wayne Baker at the launch of the DJI M30 in Elizabeth, NJ.

Potential Impact of a DJI Ban on Public Safety and Innovation

When asked about the potential consequences of a ban on DJI drones, Baker warned of a serious hampering of progress in life safety. He argued that without competition and innovation driven by companies like DJI, the entire Drone Industry would suffer, affecting not only public safety agencies but also small businesses and various industries that rely on drone technology.

Baker emphasized the importance of considering the facts and listening to the experts and end-users before making decisions that could have far-reaching consequences.

Advocating for the Drone Industry

Beyond producing drones, DJI actively supports organizations and initiatives that promote the responsible use and advancement of drone technology. Baker highlighted the company’s involvement with groups like the Law Enforcement Drone Association (LEDA) and the Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA).

He encouraged individuals who want to take a stand for DJI and the drones they use to reach out to their local legislators and voice their concerns. Baker also recommended joining advocacy groups like the Drone Advocacy Alliance to amplify their message and protect their freedom of choice in a capitalist market.

Wayne Baker’s insights shed light on the critical role drones play in public safety and the challenges faced by the industry due to legislative concerns. As a former fire chief and current advocate for drone technology, Baker’s perspective highlights the need for informed decision-making and the importance of considering the real-world impact of any potential restrictions on drone use.

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